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Maryland Lawmakers (Partially) Resurrect the IDOT.

Posted in Finance, Lending Law, Limited Liability Companies, Loan Enforcement, Local News, Maryland Law, Property, Real Estate, Tax
A year has passed since the Maryland legislature enacted a law that eliminated the recordation tax advantage gained by using an indemnity deed of trust (“IDOT”) in most Maryland counties (see our post from May 16, 2012, “Maryland Legislature Effectively Kills the IDOT”). Now just as zombies have overtaken vampires in popular culture, the Maryland… Continue Reading

Maryland Legislature Effectively Kills the IDOT

Posted in Corporations, Finance, Foreclosure, Lending Law, Limited Liability Companies, Local News, Maryland Law, Partnership, Property, Real Estate, Tax
The Maryland Senate’s passage of the widely debated and publicized Budget and Taxation bill effectively eliminates a long-used approach to avoid the current payment of mortgage recordation taxes on a commercial real estate loan. Rather than providing a direct deed of trust on the real estate to secure the loan, the property owner would create a… Continue Reading

Maryland Confessed Judgment Clause May Not Protect

Posted in Finance, Lending Law, Loan Enforcement, Maryland Law, Real Estate
Lender liability law, which gained prominence during the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, has again become an active area of litigation in recent years. Lenders in Maryland traditionally have had at least two ways to protect against plaintiffs seeking to challenge the enforceability of a commercial loan. First, lenders often include a confession… Continue Reading