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Insurance Coverage for Hurricane Sandy Losses

Posted in Damages, Insurance Recovery
The recent Superstorm has left destruction along the Northeast corridor and many businesses have suffered losses that are likely covered by their First Party Property and their Business Interruption insurance coverage. A third type of coverage, which businesses sometimes overlook, is Contingent Business Interruption, which provides coverage when the policyholder suffers a drop in business… Continue Reading

In Maryland, Insurers Cannot Rely on Self-Serving Label of ‘Condition Precedent’ in their Insurance Policy to Deny Claim Based on Late Notice

Posted in Insurance Recovery
Richard Milone contributed to this post. In Sherwood Brands, Inc. v. Great American Ins. Co., No. 62 (Md. Feb. 24, 2011), the Maryland Court of Appeals re-affirmed Maryland’s long standing public policy – embraced by both the courts and the legislature since 1964 – that an insurer cannot deny coverage based on late notice, unless… Continue Reading

DC Bad Faith Insurance Claims May Lead to Damages and Attorneys’ Fees

Posted in Business Litigation, Insurance Recovery
According to a recent District of Columbia federal district court case, policyholders may sue their insurers for a breach of the implied contractual covenant of good faith and fair dealing, despite the fact that D.C. does not recognize the tort of bad faith refusal to pay insurance benefits.  Depending on the circumstances, they also may… Continue Reading

Maryland Insurance Policy May Cover Multiple Claims

Posted in Business Litigation, Insurance Recovery
A recent decision handed down by a federal judge in Baltimore, Clipper Mill Federal, LLC v. The Cincinnati Ins. Co., No. JFM-10-1647, 2010 U.S. Lexis 112172 (D. Md. Oct. 20, 2010), reinforces the significance of conducting a thorough review of insurance policies whenever a claim is asserted against a policyholder.  The insurer might deny coverage… Continue Reading